Hi, I’m Gigi and I am your intuitive, passionately supportive web designer.

I work with creative entrepreneurs who struggle to be seen, make money and grow their business by helping them go from invisible to visible with their gifts!

I believe in energy 100%! Therefore I believe that your energy and personality should be reflected through your texts, photos, fonts, colours and language on your website. It is important that your readers get to know who you are and what you are about. By doing so you will automatically attract the right customer for your work!

Creating websites started through my search for my passion! I have always been interested and curious about many things, but nothing really “stuck” as being my one BIG passion. You know that passion that will make you feel energized, happy and fulfilled plus generating endless streams of money into your bank account…. the more I searched the more stuck and unhappy I felt. It was then I came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on OWN Super Soul Session about being a curious humming bird. I was so relieved! I wasn’t alone and it was OK to “just be” curious and be in love with many things that might result in a passion. Her talk changed my view of myself.

As I am a true dreamer I had “1000” ideas popping up at the time. I found it hard to keep them all inside my head and started to create websites. They acted like vision boards for me. I always choose free templates with good hosting companies and at one stage I had 10 websites! All of them unpublished and not for the world to see but I would sit there looking at them, changing fonts and colour, improving content and add another concept and so on. All this to see if maybe one of my ideas might develop into a passion…All websites were of course different but the one thing they all had in common was connection. I couldn’t see it then, but in fact it was web design that became one of my deeper passions. Funny eh!

I create connections with my web design. It is the thought of that ripple effect that inspires me. I connect with you, you connect with your ideal customer through your website, your gift changes that customer’s life, that customer connects differently with someone else….  

Connect with me if you are interested in more information about your new website. Check my portfolio out here!

Warm regards


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